If you’re new to SpaceKnow’s online platform or reacquainting yourself with some of the recent updates to our interface and functionality, then this guide will help you learn some of the basic functions of the platform. 

To learn the specifics of performing an analysis, and the interface specific to that process, see our other article, Learning the Ins-and-outs of Performing an Analysis.

Search bar

The search bar is not only where you’ll input new areas of interest you want to search for, but also where you can readily access saved and recent searches. 

To get started with a new search, click the icon on the left to upload a GeoJSON file, or simply input a location or GPS coordinate of your of your choice.

Current credits

Here you’ll see the amount of available credits you have for purchasing one-time analyses. To calculate the price of an analysis, use our price calculator (located in the menu). To add funds, click on the icon and purchase additional credits.


By clicking the icon in the upper-right corner of the screen you'll be able to access your settings, our terms and privacy documentation, as well as the ability to log in and out.


Need to chat with a SpaceKnow representative? Click this icon to access a chat from your platform.

Satellite vs. map view

Change the view of the map from a satellite preview to a standard, illustrated map.

Zoom In and Out

Change the view of the map view to either a satellite preview or a standard illustrated map.

Now that you’re a little more familiar with the basics of our platform, we recommend having a look at our next article, Learning the Ins-and-outs of Performing an Analysis. If you have any questions, click the Intercom button, to initiate a chat, or contact us via email at sales@spaceknow.com.

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