To begin accessing and analyzing imagery, you must first upload or input an area of interest. Once you've input your area, you can begin fine-tuning your area of interest, select desired analysis, and pick imagery. The various parts of that process are outlined below:

Modifying an Area of Interest with the Polygon Tool
Our polygon tool allows users to adjust the confines of the area they're interested in analyzing. To modify the selection, drag the circles individually or hold down the Shift button to increase or decrease the dimensions uniformly. Additionally, you can hold down the Alt button, before dragging, to rotate the polygon.

Once you’ve decided upon your area of interest, you can perform a bevy of different analyses. To perform an analysis, hover over particular icon button and select one of the available options. 

Choosing Imagery
Once you’ve selected analysis and time frame, you’ll be presented with a timeline containing related imagery. You can freely deselect and select individual images to download for analysis. To make it easier to select individual images, there are buttons to zoom in and out on the right-side of the timeline.

It’s at this point, and only this point, where you are charged for the images. Again, there is no cost specifically related to the specific analyses you perform, only acquiring desired imagery.

Once the analysis has completed you will be able to view the respective detections on the map (shown through a heatmap or colored overlay) and activate/deactivate them by clicking on the icon.

Other Actions
In addition to performing analyses on the images, there are a number of other actions you can take:

  • Highlight changes: Tracks and visualizes the changes across images
  • Share: Generates a unique URL that can be shared and later deactivated, if necessary
  • Export: Allows you to export data to a CSV file or imagery as a single PNG or compile multiple PNG images into a single ZIP file
  • Social media photos: View pictures posted to social media around the time and location of your imagery 
  • Delete all images: Clicking this will delete all the images you acquired for this particular area of interest. Be aware, this process is irreversible.

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