We have three core offerings: SpaceKnow’s online platform, APIs, and economic indexes.

Our Online Platform is a real-time, on-demand tool that allows you to search for a location, select your area of interest, and then analyze historical images from across different imagery providers to obtain insights that are actionable, informative, and quantitative. Our analysis features include:

  • Change Detection will analyze the change between a selection of images. Changes will be shown as a heat map, with a variety of colors corresponding to the amount of change to a given area. You can view the change gradually by clicking and dragging on the timeline. 
  • Image Segmentation analysis allows you to distinguish between the various parts of an image based on a particular criteria, such as urban vs. non urban areas or cloud and water filters.
  • Object Tracking tracks and counts the number of any given object, such as cars, trucks, boats, or airplanes, in each image. 
  • Social Media integration provides further insights about a defined location by allowing you to explore social posts by image and time.
  • New features and expanded functionality are being continually added. To stay on top of all of our updates, please check out our Facebook page, Twitter feed, or subscribe to our newsletter.

SpaceKnow REST APIs (Application Programming Interface) provide unique solutions that can be integrated into partner applications. Our APIs include: Image search, Image download, Visualization, Change detection, Object detection and Contextualize. Learn more here or contact us to talk about how we can integrate our APIs into your specific business.

Our Economic Indexes combine ultra-large scale imagery analysis with other forms of alternative data to generate powerful and unbiased global insights Our cornerstone products track economic development in selected regions and countries.

To learn more, check out our ‘user cases’ in the SpaceKnow blog.

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