Q: Are you an imagery provider? Can I download satellite imagery from your application?

A: Yes and no. You can view and download images from our services where licensing permits. Our primary focus is on providing our users with on-demand analysis of an area of interest through the imagery associated with that location.

Q: What is the difference between SpaceKnow and other satellite imagery solutions like Google Earth, Google Maps, or DigitalGlobe Base Maps?

A: Unlike other providers, our Analytics Platform provides near real time, on demand access to geospatial analysis. Additionally, we offer users flexibility by providing imagery from different earth-observation providers.  

Whether you’re looking to give your business a competitive edge, or a journalist seeking  more objective information about a particular location, our Analytics Platform is engineered to help you dig deeper.

Q: Where do you get your satellite images?

A: Our analytics platform retrieves images from various partners including Digital Globe, Urthecast, Google Earth Engine, Airbus and Planet. We continuously connect more providers to our network to get access to a larger, more comprehensive collection of earth-observation imagery.

Q: What is the frequency of your image capturing? Daily, weekly, monthly?

A: This largely depends on the location and the resolution you require, but in general terms, we aim to have two new images every month - with more available for custom-built solutions. 

As our network of providers regularly launch new satellites, we are moving towards being able to provide daily re-visits of any location.

If you have specific requirements or wish to discuss a custom solution, please contact our Sales team at sales@spaceknow.com .

Q: What image resolutions do you have?

A: Our multiple satellite imagery partners provide images at varying levels of quality depending on the type of search performed. Low-resolution images are used for larger areas like cities, volcanos, bays, forests, etc. Smaller locations such as parking lots, construction sites, or individual crop fields, utilize high quality imagery. Available resolutions start at 30 cm per pixel (2 sq. ft. = 1 pixel).

Q: In which industries can SpaceKnow provide business solutions?

A: Our current markets of concentration are Finance, Defense & Intelligence, Insurance, Construction and Agriculture, but we’re ready to discuss your specific business needs, regardless of your industry.

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